This is my newest painting,    "Unity".       "Unity" was created as a direct result of many conver-sations I had with  Mr. Angel Tenes, Executive Director of   Unity Corps.  Unity Corps is a progressive non-profit organization promoting the oneness of humanity.  Their mission as stated is, "to seek out those individuals and groups who support the aims of racial (ethnic), religious (spiritual), and sexual non-discrimination, and to provide for the peaceful promotion of human unity via the arts, assemblage, literature, media, and other means of goodwill."  I was honored to design "Unity" in support of the unity movement.
"Unity" is rich in color and symbolism. Among other symbols, the painting includes hummingbirds (messengers of hope and jubilation), ivy (connections and friendships), and Morning Glories (affection).  More obvious symbolism includes the hand gesture of peace and the opposing hand gesture which is the sign of unity.  My trademark dual face, butterfly and pendant are other integral symbols in this painting.

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  2. Your art is honest, unique and courageous, topped with a gorgeous color palette and a sprinkle of symbolism--all of my favorite ingredients! Add to that your wit and wisdom and voila--an artist that inspires! (I mean, you basically healed yourself of cancer--it doesn't get more inspirational than that!). You and your art are appreciated!