Commission: Pair on a Pear

Once again, I was given free reign on this Christmas gift commission.  The order: "A pear to hang in the kitchen".  I'm happy to announce that the gifter said "I'm a rock star!".  His wife phoned to tell me how much she loves it.  Her only problem now - If she's going to buy the purple sofa or the orange one!  I love these client friends and their spirit of joyful abandonment when it comes to decorating their new home!

"Pair on a Pear" 30" x 40" acrylic on canvas

I can't wait to see this painting in it's new home, and I can't wait to see which sofa gets added to the adjoining living room!

Commission Completed!

It's been a few months since I've posted here, but I really have been painting! I just completed this 3 commission set of 36" x 48" acrylic paintings.  These are my take on an old subject.

"See No Evil"
"Speak No Evil"

"Hear No Evil"
The happy owners proudly hung their new paintings in the foyer, and they look marvelous!  It was a real pleasure to complete these - on to the next paintings!

I've also been busy with my art journals and journaling blog.  Have you seen that blog?  Stop on over here, I'd love to see you there!

"The Coming"

Please enjoy my first art video!

New Basquiat Documentary!

Jean-Michel Basquiat's energetic, graffiti style art has had a definite influence in my work.  I'm excited to see a new documentary is out that contains information I'm unfamiliar with.  I'm looking forward to seeing this film!

See another clip and read the article here.

This is my tribute to Basquiat from my banner, "A Tribute to Artists"


This is my newest painting,    "Unity".       "Unity" was created as a direct result of many conver-sations I had with  Mr. Angel Tenes, Executive Director of   Unity Corps.  Unity Corps is a progressive non-profit organization promoting the oneness of humanity.  Their mission as stated is, "to seek out those individuals and groups who support the aims of racial (ethnic), religious (spiritual), and sexual non-discrimination, and to provide for the peaceful promotion of human unity via the arts, assemblage, literature, media, and other means of goodwill."  I was honored to design "Unity" in support of the unity movement.
"Unity" is rich in color and symbolism. Among other symbols, the painting includes hummingbirds (messengers of hope and jubilation), ivy (connections and friendships), and Morning Glories (affection).  More obvious symbolism includes the hand gesture of peace and the opposing hand gesture which is the sign of unity.  My trademark dual face, butterfly and pendant are other integral symbols in this painting.

Visit the Unity Corps Website

Angelia Goes Abstract

This post was still living in my drafts, but I thought even though January is long gone, I would share what I did with the first 30 days of 2010!

"Perception of Power"

I love January. January is about new beginnings and new possibilities. This January, I discovered new possibilities in going abstract!

I made a trip to my local Pat Catan's craft store and bought a 11" x 15" Canson 90lb watercolor pad, a couple tubes of acrylic in lucsious colors I couldn't resist, and a couple canvases. I could hardly wait to get home to pull my treasures out the bag and get
There's something to be said for even the ritual of preparing to paint. My winter painting area is actually in my living room. ( I have a beautiful studio but can't afford to heat it in the winter - but that's another blog post.) I carefully cover my work service - a large, walnut writing desk purchased years ago at an antique shop, with a plastic tablecloth and begin gathering the essentials for a successful session. These items include a mug of rinse water, assorted brushes, a bottled water and a mug of coffee, and my cell phone.

Having gathered all the necessities, I'm ready to find something interesting to listen to via my laptop. Usually it's music although sometimes I will listen to lectures. After I finish with that, I address my blank support. I rub my hands across the surface in a subconscious effort to "connect" with the paper. Then I look through my paint and the 3 or 4 colors that "speak to me" are pulled from the group and placed on the table.

                                                                                                                                 "Sins of the Father"
Something exciting happened this year, though.
Instead of taking the usual route of selecting a brush, I dipped the fingertips of both hands into my water and gently began moving them around my paper to moisten the surface. Before I knew it, I was compelled to put paint directly onto my fingers and paper and let art totally create itself from my subconscious. 

Using this method to paint is extremely satisfying  and I highly recommend giving it a try.  It's much like finger painting and is a great way to reawaken the
imagination and get out of a rut.  I think you might be surprised at the spectacular images living just inside your subconsious mind.

Color My World

Northeast Ohio in February SUCKS. Every day is cold, gray and depressing. Even the songs of the few birds who have insisted on staying through the winter lack enthusiasm. I glance out my front window as I type this, and the only hint of color I see is a royal blue "mystery" object on my neighbor's front porch. February in Ohio causes one to build exceptional mental health skills or to become an alcoholic. At the moment, I'm not sure in which direction I'm headed. I have used the word "megatini" twice in 2 days, so you be the judge.  The fact that I'm a 1st born, Scorpio perfectionist with a Type 1 personality is on my side. If the world can't give me color, than I'll give it to myself in the form of markers, watercolor and acrylic paints. From cerulean to ultramarine blue, from magenta to crimson red, from viridian to grass green and cadmium yellow, there shall be color! I shall lovingly create with all of these colors until every fiber of my being is absorbed in happiness and I'm unaware of the cold, bleakness we call reality. February in Ohio? I can do this!  Now where did I set that drink?

Art As Film - "Chocolat"

We all have them - the movies that we've watched dozens of times if we've watched them once. Sometimes they're funny. Sometimes they're bizarre. Sometimes you need a box of tissue and a rainy afternoon to help make the experience complete. But the movies that call to us over and over again all have something in common - a successful creative team.

Each aspect of film making is an art in itself. There's writing, casting, costuming, acting, directing, set design, musical score, and editing to name a few. Loving attention to each area results in a successful team and lasting impressions in the hearts of the masses.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I offer "Chocolat" as my first favorite film. It's a great story, the characters are intriquing, and it's beautifully filmed in France. Chocolate has never looked better than in this film, and when you add Johnny Depp to the mix there's nothing but finger licking goodness.

THE PLOT (Taken from Wikipedia)

Vianne Rocher, (Juliette Binoche) like her ancestors, drifts across France. In the winter of 1959, she travels to a tranquil French village, where she and her daughter Anouk (Victoire Thivisol) open a small chocolaterie. The store imbues both wonder and angst within the classical villagers as it opens during the forty days of Lent.

Soon, Vianne's allure and confections enlivens a married couple's aphrodisia, encourages an elderly man's secret love, brings rapport with a willful diabetic, and comforts an awkward woman who longs to leave her drunk and abusive husband. Nonetheless, the devout village mayor, Comte Paul de Reynaud (Alfred Molina), sees Vianne as an immoral provocateur and quietly contests against her. The battle peaks when a band of river gypsies camp on the village outskirts and Vianne finds a mutual attraction with the Manush Romani (Gypsy) Roux (Johnny Depp).

This clip from "Chocolat" contains some of my favorite scenes. Enjoy!

UPDATE: May 1, 2010 Video clip removed by Youtube due to copyright infringement claims. Here's an image of the video box instead.

Inspired By - Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat
Dec 22-80 - Aug 12-60

I came across an old Basquiat calendar not long ago and was reminded of the great affinity I have for him.

His bold use of color combined with simplistic representational images  make his paintings extremely appealing to me.  He was also known for using words in his paintings, and he often crossed out some of the words to emphasize a point of view.  I also went through a period of writing in my paintings, but where Basquiat generally used single words and phrases, I was more prone to writing commentary.

From what I've read about him, Basquiat had a great sense of humor and was fond of jazz - particularly Miles Davis.  He was intelligent and thoughtful, and unfortunately, quite the drug addict.  He succumed to his heroin addiction and sadly died of an overdose in 1988.  I note that he would have just turned 50 this past December, and I wonder how his work would have progressed over the years.  I think I would have enjoyed hanging out with him for a day during one of the brief periods when he was off the drugs.

Basquiat Quotes:

"Believe it or not, I can actually draw."

"I am not a Black artist, I'm an artist."

"I don't listen to what art critics say.  I don't know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is."

Read more about Jean-Michel Basquiat:

February 1st - Blog Challenge

Ok. It's February 1st and for some reason that escapes me, I told my friend, Heather, (who shall forever be referred to from this point forward as HP) that I would blog daily for the month of February. Of course, this was prompted by her own stated commitment to do the same.

Now, HP didn't actually CHALLENGE me to blog daily, but after she patiently listened to me complain about all the reasons I hate blogging, she stated several good reasons to blog anyway. I'd love to pass them along to you, but I'll be damned if I can remember even one.

So.....because I am a woman of my word, here I am typing aimlessly to nobody in particular and with nothing of any significance to say. But let the record show, it is February 1st and I DID post a blog. One for me!