February 1st - Blog Challenge

Ok. It's February 1st and for some reason that escapes me, I told my friend, Heather, (who shall forever be referred to from this point forward as HP) that I would blog daily for the month of February. Of course, this was prompted by her own stated commitment to do the same.

Now, HP didn't actually CHALLENGE me to blog daily, but after she patiently listened to me complain about all the reasons I hate blogging, she stated several good reasons to blog anyway. I'd love to pass them along to you, but I'll be damned if I can remember even one.

So.....because I am a woman of my word, here I am typing aimlessly to nobody in particular and with nothing of any significance to say. But let the record show, it is February 1st and I DID post a blog. One for me!

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