Weather and Art - Part Two

April 28, 2009
Spring gently nudges winter aside and the landscape begins to awaken from a long slumber. Dull, cold grays of sky reluctantly give way to bright, cool cerulean. Umber trees and earth breathe new life as sienna, and mounds of cad yellow, magenta, crimson and periwinkle slowly begin to dot the scenery like blobs of paint on a palette as trees, shrubs and flowers spring into bloom.
Like the landscape, two-legged and four-legged creatures of every shape and size emerge from the cover of winter and breathe new life into the landscape. Birds sing feverishly as they call to mates and begin building their nests. Squirrels scamper along budded tree limbs in a game of tag and children squeal gleefully as they mimick the squirrels in their own game of tag. Adults begin to survey their respective yards, picking up twigs, weeding flower beds and shoveling fresh mulch. The sound of mowers penetrates the air and the smell of freshly cut grass mingles with the aroma of freshly lit charcoal as the season's first barbecues get underway.
These are the colors and excitement that live in my paintings. These are the colors that have always stimulated my vision and driven my life's purpose as an artist. Bright, bold colors are the color of happiness, love and laughter. Cerulean is the color of the sky as a four year old Angelia walks hand in hand with Mommy to the post office. Cad yellow and magenta are the colors of the daffodils and phlox that Angelia admires as she skips home from kindergarten. Crimson is the color of tulips and Daddy's truck, and periwinkle is the color of my easter basket and one of my favorite colors in my 64 Box of Crayolas. These are the colors of my life.

Weather and Art - Part One

April 22, 2009

As the weather has turned cold, gray and damp once more, it's given me cause to reflect on how weather affects my art.
Nothing is more conducive to my artistic creation than inclement weather. Cold, snowy or rainy days are a definite catalyst for pulling out the canvas, paints and brushes. Today is no exception as I quickly flashback to the mounds of snow we had just a few short weeks ago.

I am not a fan of cold weather although it does have it's perks. There's a nostalgic comfort in piling on the bed with journals, markers, colored pencils, paints and canvases in front me. With the TV tuned into a movie or favorite Sirius Radio station and a hot, steamy mug of coffee, I have everything I need to be fulfilled in my temporary den. As the creative juices begin to flow, I am transported back in time and for a brief moment, I feel like a teen again.

I live on the south shores of Lake Erie in northeastern Ohio and what is known as "the snow belt". Our proximity to Lake Erie gifts us with lake-effect snow and what generally totals 100 + inches of snow per season. The season generally lasts from November through April. That's a lot of gray and a lot of cold and that translates into a lot of time spent in my "den" creating.

It's not snowing today, but it is cold. The snow shovels have been put back into the garage for the season, and the local weathermen have predicted a perfect, sunny weekend with highs in the mid 70s. Until then, I'll play with my art supplies and dream of sunny skies and the warmth of the sun on my face.

Newest Painting

April 21, 2009

This is my newest painting titled "People Are Changing". This painting is a 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas.

"People Are Changing" was inspired by the song Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and The Shondells. "...A new day is dawning. People are changing. Ain't it beautiful. Crystal blue persuasion..."

No effective change can occur without people becoming elevated to a higher level of consciousness, and change must first occur within every individual. Until the transient nature of the physical is realized, a spiritual evolution can not be achieved and the higher vibration of true, unconditional love will remain evasive.

Fortunately, as the lyrics state, "people are changing". As more and more people learn to live in the "now" and look beyond the temporary, material nature of this physical existence, a higher spiritual awareness is emerging. That can only lead to a better place for us all.

April 16, 2009

OK. so here I am, the last person in the free world to launch a blog. I have no clue what I'm doing, so if it all turns out ok, it's just beginner's luck!

It's finally warm AND sunny today, so I'm not going to devote much time to computer related tasks. I am going to sit on my deck and enjoy feeling the sun on my face. After that, I'll have some lunch, play in my flower beds and then take some photos of my newly finished painting, "People Are Changing". I'll get it posted to my website, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I WILL be devoting more time to computer related tasks.......