Weather and Art - Part Two

April 28, 2009
Spring gently nudges winter aside and the landscape begins to awaken from a long slumber. Dull, cold grays of sky reluctantly give way to bright, cool cerulean. Umber trees and earth breathe new life as sienna, and mounds of cad yellow, magenta, crimson and periwinkle slowly begin to dot the scenery like blobs of paint on a palette as trees, shrubs and flowers spring into bloom.
Like the landscape, two-legged and four-legged creatures of every shape and size emerge from the cover of winter and breathe new life into the landscape. Birds sing feverishly as they call to mates and begin building their nests. Squirrels scamper along budded tree limbs in a game of tag and children squeal gleefully as they mimick the squirrels in their own game of tag. Adults begin to survey their respective yards, picking up twigs, weeding flower beds and shoveling fresh mulch. The sound of mowers penetrates the air and the smell of freshly cut grass mingles with the aroma of freshly lit charcoal as the season's first barbecues get underway.
These are the colors and excitement that live in my paintings. These are the colors that have always stimulated my vision and driven my life's purpose as an artist. Bright, bold colors are the color of happiness, love and laughter. Cerulean is the color of the sky as a four year old Angelia walks hand in hand with Mommy to the post office. Cad yellow and magenta are the colors of the daffodils and phlox that Angelia admires as she skips home from kindergarten. Crimson is the color of tulips and Daddy's truck, and periwinkle is the color of my easter basket and one of my favorite colors in my 64 Box of Crayolas. These are the colors of my life.

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