"Ego's Last Stand"

May 4, 2009
This is the 2nd painting in my newest Abstract Series. It represents the struggle of fighting Ego. Ego has a life of it's own. It's strong willed - it's a survivor.
In order to achieve a higher level of consciousness into a transformation of pure love, Ego must be abandoned.

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  1. Like the colors in this abstract!

    Maybe it's because I'm not only an artist but also a psychologist, that I keep wanting to discuss what you write and disagree (hope you don't mind :), I am a European - when one disagrees it means that that person is an individualist, so don't take it personal!)

    In my opinion Ego is the part of ourselves that is active on a horizontal level. To be able to function in this world we need our ego. So, I would gladly give up what you call "a higher stream of consciousness." Also, I don't know what the latter means to you. If it's "love" I'm okay with it. But again, how can you show love? By the deeds you do, and attitudes you have (patience, kindsness, etc.)
    Happy Mothers day to you!