The Beauty of Blooms

June 5, 2009

I love flowers. From early on, I was drawn to their beauty like a moth to a flame. The times I can remember really getting into trouble, flowers were involved.

On more than one occasion, I can remember picking flowers that were not in our yard and having to make sorrowful apologies to the owner whose land I had unknowingly trespassed upon. What 6 year old could resist picking a lovely bouquet of bright yellow daffodils from "Flowerland"? Flowerland was the official name given to what was unknown to me, to be someone"s back yard. Walking through "the woods" behind our house and emerging on the other side, were wondrous beds of flowers of all shapes and sizes. It was miraculous to visit Flowerland. Each trip revealed new blooms of every size and color imaginable. After all, it was only a handful out of the massive sea of yellow that I plucked them from. Fortunately for me, the owners, flower lovers themselves, were always understanding and I was never traumatized from any repercussions.

Now I have my own Flowerland filled with flowers of every size, shape and color. My niece told me that her 6 year old son has requested to come see "Aunt Ang's Flowers", and I may pick blossoms for the house without any fear of repercussion. Currently, the Irises and Clematis are in full bloom and their stunning beauty continues to fill me with wonder and take me back to those childhood memories of flowers.

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  1. As I get older I find it hard not to enjoy all kinds of flowers, from the ones in my garden to the prairie flowers in the wild. It seems like I can't get enough of their colors and scent. Your photos are stunning, thank you for sharing some of your flowers with us. :)Bea